CTO, software architect, and developer


I'm Julian M Bucknall, the M to distinguish myself from the other two Julian Bucknalls I know of, and, as I like to say, I'm a programmer by trade, a CTO by occupation, and an algorithms guy by osmosis. Who Is This Julian?

So, in my work life, I "do" software, be it code for applications or code that appears in websites like this one. Way back when, it used to be Turbo Pascal and Delphi (with other languages even further back), but these days it's more C# and/or the usual web stack (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript). My official position is Chief Technology Officer, for a company called Developer Express, Inc. DevExpress  |  Résumé

As I intimated earlier, I love learning about algorithms and data structures. I even wrote a book about the "simpler" traditional ones using Delphi, and I've also written numerous magazine articles about them too. I suppose that brings up something else about me: I love to write. And one of these days, it'll be fiction for sure. Tomes of Delphi: Algorithms and Data Structures

Other things about me? Let's see. When I was a kid, I loved watching The Saint on TV (the one starring Roger Moore). I vowed to have a car like his when I grew up, and so I did: a 1964 Volvo 1800S, red. I'm also into photography, although it seems that I'm taking forever to learn to compose an image, cultivating my "eye" if you prefer. And on occasion, although it's hard with a job that involves much business travel, I act on stage. 64SAINT - Julian's Volvo 1800S  |  Acting and directing résumé

Wackier stuff: I collect Hewlett-Packard calculators, my favorite being the HP 27S; I also collect slide rules, especially duplex scientific ones from the late 60s and early 70s, before calculators killed the market; I'm a Pet Shop Boys fan, a microbrew enthusiast, and an Altoids muncher.